Meet Carrie

Carrie is fulfilling her dreams and encouraging others. Gateway’s Accelerating Opportunity program provided the support she needed to finally be able to go back to school.

Not long ago, my cousin was enrolling in GED classes and encouraged me to do the same. She knew I’d always wanted to go back to school, and she thought we could do it together. I have had a lifelong interest in working with cars, and I thought the Automotive Technology program at Gateway sounded like a great fit.

Before I could start automotive classes, I needed to complete a GED. When I talked to Gateway, I learned about the Accelerating Opportunity program and how it could help me complete a degree much more quickly than I thought possible. Thanks to Accelerating Opportunity, I have my own personal success coach to keep me motivated and on track to pursuing my dreams. Plus, since I’ve been out of school for a while, the program gives me the chance to brush up on my basic skills, like math and reading, without missing a beat in my technical automotive courses. Accelerating Opportunity is helping students pursue education paths specifically for high demand careers.

In April 2012, I walked in the spring commencement ceremony and I was so proud. Even with kids at home, overcoming my husband’s health concerns, and working odds-and-ends jobs just to get by, I still managed to earn my GED. It was an amazing feeling to accomplish something I had wanted for so long and to be opening the next chapter in my education.

I am so appreciative of the Gateway faculty and staff that have made this advancement possible for me. They have really helped me become successful and have helped me on the path toward a more rewarding career. I am more because of Gateway.

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