Meet Mitchell

After skipping a grade in high school and graduating from Covington Latin School, Mitchell was ready to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. He learned that his hard-earned KEES scholarship money could be used for general education classes if he took them from a Kentucky college or university. Mitchell looked into starting college at Northern Kentucky University or Gateway Community and Technical College, and he chose Gateway for the lower cost. His Gateway advisor has assisted him in combining three types of courses all at Gateway tuition rates: GCTC classes at the Boone and Edgewood campuses, a GCCU cross-registration class at NKU, and online courses through the KCTCS system.

His experience at Latin School, where he loved “how much the teachers enjoyed what they taught,” compares favorably to Gateway. Mitchell said “I didn’t expect to enjoy the classes (at Gateway) as much as I do. Psychology and Sociology are super interesting for me. The content and the instructors, the way they go about it is cool.” He also spoke about his Spanish instructor at Gateway, “She is so into it and loves to travel, so you know she has experience speaking it.”

Mitchell sees that the students at Gateway, especially the adult students, are engaged in their classes. He’s also been surprised and happy to meet several students here that are his own age. Mitchell said he was nervous about the level of independence that college would demand, but “the first day here seemed so easy.” He learned that “you have to stay on top of things, do things for yourself. It’s not all going to be handed to you. I prefer it that they know (you can) and expect you to handle it.”

Gateway is helping Mitchell accomplish more while spending less. To learn more about how you can be more, visit the Gateway Admissions office