Meet Karen

A few years ago, when I took a break to relax and got massage, I began to think about my life and the direction it was headed. I had always worked part-time side jobs. Being married to a minister, we focused much of our life on our church and our three daughters. As they grew a little older, I thought it would be the right time to pursue a career of my own.

After my massage, I discussed the profession with my massage therapist, and she told me how great it was for her. She had the opportunity to travel, to work in hospitals, doctor’s offices or even spas and cruise ships! She mentioned that her journey in massage therapy started at Gateway. I knew that if she could do it, I could do it.

Gateway is convenient to get to, the tuition is affordable, and the massage therapy department really feels like a family. I met Lance Nelson, Massage Therapy coordinator and assistant professor, and he truly encouraged and inspired me. He is a great asset to Gateway and is incredibly passionate about what he does. After he pushed me to get involved at Gateway, I ended up mentoring other Gateway students, promoting the massage therapy program at expos and events in the area, and even landing a few massage therapy jobs after graduation!

My Gateway education has opened so many doors for me, and with the support of my husband, daughters and grandchildren, I’m able to travel different cities for conventions, get involved with professional massage therapy organizations, and further my career. With the support of the approachable and helpful Gateway faculty and staff, I’ve been able to achieve a dream that I never thought was possible. I am more because of Gateway.

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