Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky

Is Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky right for me?
Do you need developmental education classes? Are you a student who is at a 6-12 grade level in writing, reading or math? Are you interested in one of the following programs; Auto TechnologyEarly Childhood Education, Computerized Manufacturing & Machining, Industrial Maintenance Technology, or Electrical Technology and Energy Technologies? If you answered yes, Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky may be for you!

What would Accelerating Opportunity KY do for me?
Accelerating Opportunity KY partners include The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), Kentucky Adult Education, the Office of Employment and Training and the Workforce Investment Board. Accelerating Opportunity KY provides team teaching, a success coach and job placement. You could potentially skip some developmental education requirements and complete your credential faster, so you save time AND money! 

Why would I want to be involved in Accelerating Opportunity KY?
The benefit of being involved is that you get added academic support and can receive a credential in a shorter period. You also have the support of your success coach who will help you deal with any challenges to completing your credential. This can help you get a high-demand job with a relatively high wage, fast. Plus, your long-term goal could be to build on the initial credential and obtain an associate degree, thus increasing your wage.

What are the Gateway programs involved with Accelerating Opportunity KY?
Covington Campus: Early Childhood Education and Auto Technology
Boone Campus: Auto Technology, Early Childhood Education, Computerized Manufacturing & Machining, Industrial Maintenance TechnologyElectrical Technology and Energy Technologies.

How would I get started with Accelerating Opportunity KY?
For more information or to sign up for Accelerating Opportunity KY, contact John Carroll, 859-442-1612,