Costs and Financial Aid

Applying for Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds are limited. Employment and/or positions are not guaranteed for all those who qualify or for all those who apply.

How to Apply: The Federal Work-Study Process

1.  Apply for jobs on Job Seekers. You do not have to create an account to be able to search the available jobs. On the left hand of the screen click “search jobs”. From there you can filter your search to only include federal work-study positions available at Gateway Community and Technical College. Also check the box(s) for the campus you prefer.  Finally, check the box labeled “students”.  (You will be asked to create an account once you do decide to apply for a position.)

  • As of January 25, 2013, all jobs will pay 8.00 an hour.

2.   Financial Aid Office determines if you are eligible or not eligible for the Federal Work-Study position. This communication will be sent via the email address you used when applying for the “Student Employment Application.”

3.   Financial Aid Office forwards to the specific Department Supervisor all Student Employment Applications of eligible students showing interest in specific jobs.

4.   Department Supervisor determines students to interview and which student to hire (there is no guarantee that you will be hired).

5.   Based on your FAFSA, Financial Aid will determine how many hours a week you can work as well as when you can start working.

  • The max a student can work during the fall & spring semester is 40 hours. During the summer term the max is 45 hours.

6.   If you are hired, you will be asked to complete a background release form sent by Financial Aid via your email you use when creating a “Student Employment Application”. Human Resources will complete the background check.

7.  Human Resources Department will notify the Financial Aid Office if you can be hired based on your background check information. (You must be cleared by HR before you can start working.)

8.  If the background check clears you to work, you will need to complete hiring paperwork via the “Student Employment Account” (Instructions will be emailed to you on how to access this information). You will then be asked to setup an appointment with HR to finalize your hiring paper work. This has to be completed before you can work or even get paid.

9.  You will set up your work schedule with your direct supervisor. (You cannot work during your scheduled class time.)

10.  You will need to send Financial Aid a copy of your class schedule.

11.  You will then follow the payroll process to turn in your timesheets. (The Federal Work – Study Handbook will be sent to you once you begin working. It will explain the timesheet, payroll process and other helpful information about the Federal Work – Study Program.

12.   You will provide a copy of your timesheet to the Financial Aid Coordinator in charge of Work-Study (Will Bradley)

13.   You will be paid every two weeks for the hours you work in that time period.

For more information about FWS, please contact Will Bradley at