Gallagher, Richard
Adult Ed Instructor
Urban Campus - Two Rivers Building 
Phone: 859-442-1683
Fax: 859-442-1621

Goodman, Dr. Patricia
Vice President, Knowledge Management and Strategic Initiatives
Boone Campus, Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)
Phone: 859-442-1173 
Fax: 859-815-7611

Graves, Mallis 
Associate Dean for Student Development & Retention
Urban Campus -Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE)
Phone: 859-442-1608
Fax: 859-442-1622

Greely, Andrew 
IT Supervisor
Boone Campus CAM
Phone: 859-442-1627
Fax: 859-815-7612

Green, Kristie
Covington Campus
Phone: 859-815-7251
Fax: 859-292-6415

Green, Monica
Campus Assistant, Admissions Edgewood
Edgewood Campus, SSC
Phone: 859-442-4138
Fax: 859-442-1107

Grooms, Chad
Assistant Professor 
Urban Campus - Center for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE)  
Phone: 859-442-1128
Fax: 859-442-1622