Pre-registration and registration opportunities are announced throughout the college. Methods of registration include priority registration, online registration, and open registration. New, returning, and transfer students must meet all records requirements to qualify for registration. No registration will be permitted until all required materials are received.

All registered students are responsible for being aware of the academic calendar. All deadlines for registration, payment, withdrawing, and end of term are listed on the academic calendar.

Reminder: You must officially withdraw by the dates listed in the academic calendar. Once you enroll you become financial obligated, even if you never attend a class. Failure to officially withdraw according to the academic calendar will result in a financial debt and a failing grade. Students will not be dropped from classes during finals week.

Registration Dates

March 1- Advanced Registration begins for summer and fall semesters (Advanced = currently enrolled students)

March 19- Open Registration begins (Open = Open Registration begins (Open = New/All students not currently registered)