Female student reading in the library.

Admission FAQs

I applied online, but I haven’t heard anything.  Have I been accepted to the college?

You should have received an automatic response telling you that your application had been submitted. If you did not receive this response, the application may not have come through. To find out if your application was received call 859-442-1134.

I have applied to the college.  What is my next step for enrollment?

If you have not previously scheduled a placement test, you will need to do so by calling 859-442-4115 to schedule a test.  If you have already tested, you need to contact the Advising Center at 859-442-1630 to schedule for an advising appointment.   

I want to enroll.  What do I need to do?

Apply to the college online  After applying, you will be sent information on the admissions process. 

How do I get proof of enrollment for my insurance?

You may obtain Verification of Enrollment through your Student Self-Service account. You may also obtain the Verification of Enrollment through the Registrar’s Office upon request.  The verification will be printed on letterhead.  At peak times, you may have to wait until the next day to receive the verification.  Students and prospective employers may obtain Verification of Enrollment/educational credentials through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Have you received my transcript(s) yet?

Please call our Admissions Office at 859-442-1134.  This information can also be viewed via your Student Self-Service account.

Will you send me information about your college?

To have information about the college sent to you, call 859-442- 1134, or complete the contact us form.

How do I get reinstated?

For information on being reinstated, contact Andre Washington at 859-442-4176 or via email at andre.washington@kctcs.edu

How do I set up my student e-mail?

If you know your student ID number, you can set up your e-mail account online. Or take your photo ID to any campus library, and we will help you set up your e-mail account. Student e-mail setup is also a part of your student orientation.

How do I get my student ID number, username, and password?

Come into the admissions office on any of our campuses with a photo ID, and we will help you retrieve this information.

What are your office hours?

The Admissions Office at the Edgewood campus office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.. 

How do I reset my e-mail password?

You can reset your password online by reactivating your account.

When does the next semester start?

Please refer to our academic calendars.

When can I start classes/when do classes start?

Students may enroll through the first week of classes.  Please refer to our academic calendar for start dates and the last day to add a class.

Can I attend college while still in high school?

Yes. To speak to a college representative, call 859-442-1134.