Instructional Design and Learning Technology

Instructional design focuses on the systems, methods and technologies used to deliver information and instruction. The Instructional Design and Learning Technology (IDL) program provides you with hands-on experience using those resources in real-world settings and prepares you to create world-class instruction. This video expands on what instructional designers do and explains a bit about how they do it.

The IDL program is designed with the working adult in mind. You can attend our eight-week classes full time or part time. Classes are scheduled in the evenings and are taught in a hybrid format (with online and in-person components) that limits the amount of time you need to spend in the classroom.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Our innovative Associate in Applied Science Degree in Instructional Design and Learning Technology is the first of its kind in the country. Our hands-on and experience-based classes prepare you for success in the instructional design field. The degree offers several tracks or course options that allow you to cater your degree to fit your needs. Available tracks include:

Instructional Design – While all tracks give you a foundational knowledge of instructional design, the instructional design track goes even further with evaluation techniques, writing skills, and advanced design and modeling skills.

Graphic Design for Instruction– This track focuses on developing graphics that teach through story. With this track, you will learn how to express ideas visually in a way that encourages learning.

Custom – Not everyone’s interests can fit into a predefined track. Gateway has developed a customizable degree option that allows you to work with faculty across disciplines to create a degree program that is grounded in instructional design while meeting your individual needs.


Gateway offers four certificates in instructional design. You can pursue a certificate while obtaining your associate’s degree or you can complete the certificates individually. Courses taken while pursuing an IDL certificate also apply to the Instructional Design and Learning Technology Associate in Applied Science degree and vice versa. These industry-recognized certificates will give you the skills that you need to get started quickly in instructional design. Certificates include:

Foundations of Instructional Design – This certificate will introduce you to instructional design, the methods and theories used, and how you fit into the field. This certificate is great for those who are new to instructional design.

Advanced Instructional Design – Building on the knowledge you gained in the foundations certificate, the certificate in advanced instructional design goes much deeper. The certificate introduces you to writing, assessment and management knowledge and skills that will make you a success in the field.

Graphic Design of Instruction - The graphic design of instruction certificate gives you the skills needed to better instruct through all things visual. This credential allows you to explore how photos, type illustration and other visual media help to instruct.

Instructional Facilitation – This certificate provides you with an understanding of basic instructional design techniques and relates them to instructor-led training. You learn how to hone your presentation and implementation skills to build the confidence you need to lead in the classroom.

Career Opportunities

The IDL program certificates prepare you to be successful in entry-level instructional design positions, or they can help you take your current instruction to the next level. The IDL certificates were created with industry experts to ensure that classroom experiences mirror on-the-job applications.

If you have pervious work experience, ask how the IDL program can build on your current knowledge and skills to help your career take off.

Wage/Salary Information

As an instructional designer, you can expect to earn $30,000-$35,000 a year directly out of the IDL program; more experienced instructional designers can earn much more. For more information on wages and other career information, visit and enter “Instructional Design” in the search field. Or go to and search by job title and zip code for current wage information.

Transfer Options

By law, credits earned at Gateway transfer to any public university in Kentucky. Our credits also are accepted at most colleges and universities throughout the nation.


Associate in Applied Science Degree

  • Instructional Design Track
  • Graphic Design of InstructionTrack
  • Custom Track




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