Health Education: Personal Trainer

Are you passionate about fitness? Do you enjoy working out? Do you enjoy sharing fitness techniques and tips with others? If so, a career as a personal trainer may be right for you. Personal trainers work with individuals or with a small group of three to five clients, usually at a gym. A personal trainer designs a comprehensive exercise program based on the goals and abilities of the individual and will find ways to continually motivate the client to help them achieve those goals. By providing health education and influencing healthy lifestyle changes, a good personal trainer can play a key role in their clients’ lives.

The Personal Trainer certificate program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to assess, design, and implement a personalized exercise program for your clients.

Career Opportunities

Personal trainers may work in gyms, country clubs, retirement communities, recreation centers, hospitals, corporate fitness centers, universities, resorts, private studios, and in clients’ homes.

Wage/Salary Information

Go to or and search by job title and zip code for wage information.

Program Home Campus

Edgewood; general education classes may be offered at other campuses

Entry time




Program Length

(After any developmental needs are met and if enrolled in 15 credit hours per semester)
Two semesters 

Advising Sheet (PDF)


Personal Trainer