How the Library Works

What Materials are Available at each Campus?

The campus collections available at each library focus on print reference materials and select magazines and journals. The print collection at each campus is non-circulating and contains traditional reference materials, including dictionaries, style manuals, and writing guides as well as resume and letter writing guides, ACT and SAT test preps and career guides.

Where do you get Books?

Circulating materials (books) are available to Gateway students through formal agreemants with Northern Kentucky University. Materials are also available at the three local county libraries (Boone, Kenton, Campbell), as well as libraries affiliated with the SouthWest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries Consortium (SWON).

What do you need to get a Book?

Students and faculty members at Gateway have complete access to these materials upon presenting a Gateway ID card. Gateway ID cards can be made at orientation, or students and faculty can have them made at the Boone, Edgewood, or Covington Campus Libraries.

Why does GCTC not own any circulating books?

The decision to operate without a circulating collection at Gateway maximizes financial resources and space at the college. Gateway purchases materials unique to its programs and that are not duplicated in any collaborating library. These materials are then housed at the Gateway Libraries. Gateway students are able to access these materials through the KCTCS Library Virtual Catalog, which allows users to search the catalogs of all of the libraries in Northern Kentucky simultaneously.