Meet Sharon

My role at Gateway: Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
How long I’ve worked here: I am in my eighth year at Gateway and have loved every day that I have been here.

Where I’m from: Bristol, Virginia

Why I do what I do: Being an administrative assistant at Gateway means much more than doing just secretarial duties. Secretarial roles have changed, responsibilities have changed, and administrative professionals now have the opportunity to grow outside the boundaries that existed some 30 years ago. Today, organizations want office professionals who can make decisions, solve problems, lead projects, hire and train staff, and assume additional responsibilities that were previously the role of managers. Because of these new roles, administrative professionals are now highly valued and critical components of organizations and that is I why I love doing what I do here at Gateway.

My philosophy: “I believe that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.”

I like our students because: Students come to Gateway from various backgrounds and circumstances. They are here to better their lives, and they are determined to reach their ultimate goal of earning a degree, certificate, or diploma. I respect them for wanting to overcome overwhelming obstacles that have been standing in their way.

A little more about me: My favorite book would have to be “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, M.D.; my favorite movie is “The Bucket List”; and my favorite pastime would be spending time with my new granddaughter, Aubrey. She’s the joy of my life. With the limited spare time I have, I have to admit that I’m addicted to Sudoku and love spending time with family and close friends.