Meet Sam

Photo of Instructor Sam Collier.My role at Gateway: I am an Automotive Technology Instructor and serve as the Division Chair for the Transportation Division.

How long I’ve worked here: I have been at Gateway for six wonderful years.

My hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Why I do what I do: I enjoy passing on the knowledge I have gained working in the automotive field to my students. It’s very rewarding to watch students learn new skills in class and utilize this fresh skill in the lab.

My philosophy: I prefer students to learn on their own. I try and turn classrooms into discussion rooms, where students answer other students’ questions, while I act more as a moderator.

I like our students because: Since I work mostly with students looking to enter the work force or better their present job, I like the ambition they show and the initiatives they present to do something better with their life.

A little more about me: I don’t read many books, mostly automotive journals. Most of the movies I like are comedies, westerns or action adventure. My favorite movies are John Wayne westerns.