Meet Patricia Goodman

Photo of Patricia Goodman, the Dean of Institutional Research, Planning and EffectivenessMy role at Gateway: I am the Dean of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness. I work with all departments of the college to continually evaluate and improve the programs and services we provide to students.

How long I’ve worked here: I have been at Gateway since November 2006.

My hometown: Pikeville, Ky.

Why I do what I do: I enjoy the opportunity to help our students tell their stories through data, which translates into increased effectiveness of teaching and learning, and increased resources to support our work. We learn and develop as educators through the responses of our students.

My philosophy: Every student is equally important. Each one has a need, or goal they are seeking to fulfill. In the community college, every student has a story of where they have been, and has hopes and dreams of where they can go in life. The best that we can do each and every day is to meet them where they are, and provide them with the opportunities they need to realize their potential.

I like our students because: Every student has their own unique, individual story and is searching for that opportunity or chance to be successful.

A little more about me: Anything that challenges me to think!