Meet Deep

My role at Gateway: I am an IT instructor, and advisor for students.

How long I’ve worked here: I have been teaching at Gateway since January 2009.

Where I’m from: Kandy, Sri Lanka (“The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”)

Why I do what I do: It has been my pleasure to pass my knowledge to students, and help them to understand and utilize current technology. I like to see students leave Gateway with a set of new skills and knowledge that will allow them to be successful in their future careers.

My philosophy: I believe that students learn best through hands-on, firsthand experience, which is why I include engaging and relevant labs in my classes that allow students to learn through exploratory methods and retain the information they gain.

I like our students because: We have students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, which provides a unique blend of approaches and ideas within the classroom.

A little more about me: In my spare time, I like to try to fix the impossible, cook, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the outdoors.